Rwanda Trip

This summer my wife, my daughter and I will be traveling to Rwanda with Africa New Life Ministries and Love 41. Africa New Life Ministries works with children who need all kinds of assistance and provides them an opportunity to get a great education and allows us to participate in that ministry monthly by adopting a child, supporting him/her, praying for them and in turn, getting a great blessing by participating in the life of a child in need. The children take this seriously and consider you to be their parent.

We will be working in many areas that Africa New Life Ministries works and be visiting our children. (My US daughter has a son and we have an African daughter.) There are two things we need for our trip. First and foremost is prayer. The most important thing that you can do is pray for our trip.Please pray for our ability to minister. Pray for our safety and health. Pray for our finances. My daughter is raising her own funds. My wife and I need to raise a total of $8000 for the airfare and expenses.

The second thing we need is financial support. If you are praying for us and feel led to help support our mission, please help donate by one of two methods. First, go to the Africa New Life site, click on Donate and donate to “General and where needed most.” When your tax deductible receipt comes back, please respond by noting that the funds should be applied to the accounts of Bob and Lucy James. If you have no need of a tax deductible receipt and would still like to donate you can support us by going to the PayPal link below. We have many expenses here over and above the $8000 above including inoculations and immunization shots and supplies to buy to bring into the country to support the work. Please be assured that all donations will be used to support the upcoming mission trip my daughter, my wife and I will be taking to Rwanda.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and for any support that you might feel led to give.

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