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Have I Actually Made It As An Author?

Posted originally on Bob James – Author site This story began with another warning about a web piracy site. One of the advantages to eBooks is that they’re so much cheaper to produce and make available to the public. The … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Side of Egg Salad

I had some thoughts today while making egg salad sandwiches. I blogged them on my other blog, but thought I’d share the link here.:

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Running Behind

Greetings! I am running behind on my writing each day…I plan to catch up tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I thought I would share something my former pastor, Doug Jackson, shared for your pleasure…a little Christian humor. Lisa Colon DeLay posted … Continue reading

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Ten Cows and Two Days

I’ve begged for money and prayers for my upcoming trip to Rwanda. Good news! I’m not going to ask for money right now, but I will continue to ask you to pray for me. My daughter works for the company … Continue reading

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Quit Going To Church!

Originally posted on The Barefoot Pastor:
…Now, the title of this post may throw some of you off, let me explain… I grew up in a mainline denomination, surrounded by godly parents, caring pastors, and a circle of friends who,…

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“The Gifts Of The Spirit”…. A New Series Coming To SIH Ministries!

Originally posted on Settled In Heaven Blog:
Something to look forward to! If you like sound, Biblical teaching, you should be following this blog! (And reading it.) Settled In Heaven Blog View original post

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Middle fingers, God & breaking bubbles…REALLY???

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
by Kenneth Justice “So what do you think of my library” asked the Lutheran pastor “Well, I think your library is too slanted in favor of Lutheranism” his friend responded   ~ Many people live in…

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Words I Struggle to Believe

Originally posted on Mind's Seat:
There are a few words I’ve been told, A few words that I’ve heard That I can’t seem to believe, And some I shamefully find absurd. It’s been said That I’m strong When I…

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Identifying and Overcoming The Mocking Spirit (Jude 1:1-25)

Originally posted on Contagious Transformation:
? By: Stacy Swimp The Word of God makes it clear as to how we can identify what it calls “Mockers” and, furthermore, gives us definitive instructions as to how we ought to deal with…

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Case Study: Appeal to Men

Originally posted on TLP:
I hope the title today didn’t scare off the women!  This post is not in any way about denigrating, demeaning or neglecting women; quite the opposite! Churches in general, for about the last 40 to 45…

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