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Sometimes things happen in life that cause me to go into deep pondering. While my thoughts should be based on Biblical principles, they may not speak from specific verses. This is my chance to comment on issues that affect us in life as they happen

The Good Samaritan – a Modern re-telling

I almost made the below my devotional thought this morning. I try to avoid political statements for my devotionals, so I did something different. Still, I think this is an important message for us in our divided political world today, … Continue reading

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August 24 – Who Did It?

Psalm 109:21-31; Ezekiel 20:33-44; Luke 6:6-11 This year has been “interesting” so far to say the least. My wife got a diagnosis of breast cancer, her second in the same breast, and most of our year has been consumed with … Continue reading

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A Request for Help

I am getting ready to go on a mission trip to Rwanda with my wife and daughter. The money is due in a little over a week. I would like to ask you for two things. 1st – would you pray … Continue reading

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March 27 – Jesus Teaches Balanced Loving

Matthew 22:23-46; Numbers 22:1-40; Song of Solomon 2:8-3:5 The Herodians couldn’t trap Jesus, so The Sadducees gave it their best shot. The only words to describe their attempt is “Epic Fail.” Then the Pharisees took their shot. “Then one of … Continue reading

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Someone Has to Teach You

When you become a Christian, someone has to teach you what it’s like to be a Christian. I don’t mean that time when someone teaches you how to “pray the prayer” or make a commitment to Christ. I mean the … Continue reading

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March 14 – Family Support System

Matthew 15:1-20; Leviticus 24-25; Ecclesiastes 1:1-11 In a battle of dueling traditions, Jesus always wins. The Pharisees were complaining that His disciples didn’t wash their hands before they ate. This tradition was not so much concerned with cleanliness as it … Continue reading

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Middle fingers, God & breaking bubbles…REALLY???

Originally posted on Culture Monk:
by Kenneth Justice “So what do you think of my library” asked the Lutheran pastor “Well, I think your library is too slanted in favor of Lutheranism” his friend responded   ~ Many people live in…

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Words I Struggle to Believe

Originally posted on Mind's Seat:
There are a few words I’ve been told, A few words that I’ve heard That I can’t seem to believe, And some I shamefully find absurd. It’s been said That I’m strong When I…

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Are You Ready?

I saw this video and was moved. How can I proclaim the gospel. This street preacher endured some ridicule, but I bet you he would say it was worth it!

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Prayer Request

Greetings! God looks to be opening some amazing doors of ministry. I can’t say much about what’s happening now, but as you read this post, would you do me the honor of lifting me and others involved and pray that … Continue reading

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