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Daily Enduring Truth – A New Vision Going Forward

I have been writing devotionals of one sort or another for over ten years, beginning in the year 2009 or 2010 on Facebook. I felt it was important to share, as a form of accountability, what God was teaching me … Continue reading

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For the last few days, I’ve been having internet/computer issues as I’ve been writing. It’s been frustrating trying to get any of my devotionals finished and/or uploaded because of the sporadic, in and out issues I’ve been having. I’m going … Continue reading

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Free eBook …and Maybe More!

I will be attending Word Fest 2019 at Teas A&M Corpus Christi today from 9-3. I will be giving those who attend a chance to sign up for a free eBook copy of my January-February Devotional series. I will also … Continue reading

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August 6 – Godly Sorrow vs. Worldly Sorrow

My wife and I returned from a cruise on Friday, and Saturday I barely opened my computer and Sunday’s are just full…including the fact that we traveled again Sunday – for medical reason. I say that because I’m going to … Continue reading

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Another Quick Update

We’re back in port. Communications restored. Will be uploading back devotionals once I get home. Wife and I took a four day cruise. I thought I had arranged internet. Ship didn’t. I wasn’t going to pay that much for it. … Continue reading

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Quick Update

My wife and I are on a family vacation. I thought we arranged internet service. Now, I’m not sure. If I don’t post the next couple days, please forgive me.

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Can’t We Start Again, Please

The end is near! No, that’s not an apocalyptic statement, that’s a commentary on my self-granted three-month sabbatical. I stopped the daily devotional writing to do some self-reflection, to think about the process of writing the devotionals, and to think … Continue reading

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A Time For Renewal

I’ve been writing devotionals every day, or nearly every day, for almost ten years now, I believe. The writing began as a labor of love as I joyously shared what God’s been teaching me in my daily Bible reading. The … Continue reading

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Quick Note

My daughter got married on Saturday, and it’s taken me a couple of days to recuperate. It was a joyous time, BUT, I’m getting a lot older. I thank God for the amazing son-in-law I have, and will get back … Continue reading

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February 7 – Break Time

Greetings! I will be taking a week of from posting devotional. I’m with family for the memorial of my mother’s life. We’re also doing as much cleaning as possible during this time and I won’t have time to devote to … Continue reading

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