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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.

Jesus Takes the Offensive

So often, Jesus is seen responding to questions and attacks by the Jewish Religious leaders. In today’s stories, Jesus takes the lead by proposing His own conundrum and then by noting problems with the scribes and their lust for attention. … Continue reading

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First Things First

What the Scribe didn’t realize was that the Kingdom of God is found in the person of Jesus Christ. Not in repeating His teachings. Not in agreeing with His teachings, but in the person of Jesus Christ. You may go to church, read your Bible daily, do good deeds, and if you were to come before Jesus and asked about the kingdom of God He would say that you aren’t far from it. The kingdom of God is found in the person of Jesus Christ and you enter into that Kingdom when you place your life in His hands. Continue reading

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Jesus Turns the Tables On His Attackers

Today we look at two encounters with religious leaders. First, Pharisees and Herodians unite to try to take Jesus down, then, when they fail, the Sadducees do their thing and fail. They couldn’t get the best of Jesus in a … Continue reading

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The Message in Parables

It’s hard to imagine that the Jesus broken and bleeding on the cross is the almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords – but this was God’s doing and it’s amazing. The religious leaders wanted to take Jesus out then, but they were afraid of the people because everyone realized that He was speaking against them. They left, knowing they couldn’t take him out in public, but they continued their plans to destroy Him. Continue reading

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Recognizing and Exercising Authority

We often have problems with authority – especially when we aren’t the authority. We don’t want people telling us what to do. We’re independent by nature. Still, when it comes to Jesus, He is the authority. His authority comes from … Continue reading

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Anger Cleaning at the Temple

At this point in time, the corruption of those buying and selling in the Temple was so great that it had become a house to prey instead of a house to pray, and those doing the preying were the ones buying and selling – most likely buying the animals from people who brought their own to sacrifice because it wasn’t good enough, and then selling another animal back to them at inflated prices. Continue reading

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Fit For a Spy Novel!

I have no doubt that Jesus had arranged for one of His followers, who remained nameless, to provide this colt for Him to enter Jerusalem. Jesus sent the disciples to pick up this colt and it’s interesting that He knows that no one has ever ridden on this animal. It’s also interesting to me that Jesus didn’t tell them to contact anyone, perhaps to spare them harm should inquiries be made by the Pharisees or the Sadducees later (?), but to see this colt, untie him and bring him to Jesus. While Jesus told them not to initiate contact, He gave them would would be considered a countersign to let the owner know that the right people were taking this colt. It’s fitting that the beginning of the end of this mission from God should have some old-fashioned spycraft at the start of things. Continue reading

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Seeking Jesus and Learning To Minister To Others

Jesus understood that the indignation of the other ten disciples dealt more with their thirst for honor and power than with concern for the sake of the kingdom, and He gave them an example they could understand from real life. Continue reading

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The Perils of Wealth and the Wealth of the Resurrection

As we read these verses, we’re reminded that the resurrection wasn’t an afterthought of the disciples used to explain why they still followed Jesus after He was crucified; it was a pivotal teaching of Jesus. He taught them about it again and again. If the disciples were trying to sugar coat things, or make themselves look good, they would have written gospels that showed their faith in the resurrection and not the doubt and confusion at the cross. Continue reading

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Dealing With Divorce and the Importance of Children

The County Courthouse – where wedding dreams begin, and too often die. Divorce is a touchy subject these days. What does Jesus say about marriage? About divorce? I don’t have all the answers, but I think God’s plan always includes … Continue reading

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