About Us

About Us

Back in the dark ages of social media as the MySpace phenomenon was petering out, people moved to Facebook. I was among them. It wasn’t long before I realized that while Facebook was entertaining, it wasn’t an uplifting platform. While it wasn’t as toxic as it was today, there was a lot of negativity. I decided to share some thoughts based on my daily Bible reading and began posting them. At that time, Facebook limited posts to 420 characters and I jokingly told my wife that I should compile those thoughts into a book and call it “420 Faith.” She was slightly amused – until I told her the significance of the number. Then she was not amused at all.

When Facebook allowed expanded posts, I expanded my devotionals by including the Bible verses I read each day and writing out the one or two verses I focused on for my devotional. The devotionals themselves were also longer. People seemed to appreciate them. I also noted more people posting spiritually positive material on Facebook as well. While my format varied through the years, I always sought to include a bit of explanation about the verse itself, and then talk about how that verse relates to us today.

I continued writing these devotionals daily until my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 for the second time. While I kept reading God’s word, my focus was on getting things taken care of for her. At the same time, I was suffering from some bad asthma issues and was having trouble taking care of everything. I returned to writing on Easter Sunday of 2016. In 2018 I edited and rewrote the devotionals I had written during 2017 and created a six-volume series of my devotionals. Not being a marketing whiz, I didn’t get much response, but I’m still proud of the outcome of the books. I took a three-month sabbatical from April 1 to June 30 this year. (2019) I did this because I felt my writing had become dry. I had begun the year trying a different format – evening devotionals – and I wasn’t happy with the quality.

During this three-month break, I did a lot of soul searching. Perhaps the worst moment of this time was when I talked with someone with whom I was advertising and offered my services in an extension of their ministry. The words were, “I’ll think about it.” The face said, “Who do you think you are?” As discouraging as those face-words were, they caused me to look deep into who I was and how God could use this work for His glory. I realized then that this was not just some guy writing his thoughts from Scripture each day, this was a ministry to build up individual believers in their walk with Christ. It’s with a sense of excitement that I’m looking this as a deliberate ministry to build up the body of Christ. It’s also with a sense of humility, because in order to be successful in this ministry, I must be entirely dependent on God. Walk with me on this journey on a daily search for the enduring truths of God.

Bob James.

Mission Statement:

God uses Daily Enduring Truth Ministries to help believers in Christ grow in their spiritual life.

Vision Statement

Daily Enduring Truth Ministries will lead people to grow spiritually by encountering the Enduring Truth of God’s word on a daily basis.

Core Values

  • Authority of Scripture
  • Commitment to God
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Ministry and Missions
  • Accountability
  • Family


Daily Enduring Truth Ministries will seek to accomplish their goals through

  • written devotionals
  • books and short stories
  • videos
  • other means as they are enabled by technology

5 Responses to About Us

  1. Wayne says:

    I realize that anonymity can have it’s place. Identity can be just as important sometimes. So therefore, me, who is “me”? Or have you been lead to remain anon.?

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  2. Christina says:

    You’ve got a really great inspiring blog, Bob! I’m so glad you are writing about an exploration into the Word of God. As a Catholic, and a writer, it makes me happy to see a blog like this.

    Liked by 1 person

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