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Broken and Spilled Out

As I understand the situation, Simon the leper was having a feast, and Jesus was eating with him, among others. Given the concerns about the contagious nature of leprosy, I have no doubt that appropriate social distancing issues were considered in the seating arrangement. In the middle of the feast, though, a woman walked up to Jesus and took a container of expensive perfume, and poured it on His head. Continue reading

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Watch, Wait, Work – Until the End Comes

One time, I had to leave the room to help another teacher with technical problems. While the teacher next door was able to listen for problems in my classroom for me, I was still concerned. When I finished my work and came back to the classroom, I noted my neighbor in my classroom. I groaned, but before I could ask what was wrong, she pointed at our assistant principal who had chosen that moment to do an unplanned walk through observation of my classroom. I think it’s safe to say that I died inside. I explained quickly why I wasn’t in the room and his comment made my day. “I wasn’t here to observe you, Mr. James, I was here to see how engaged your students were. They were doing a great job when I came in the classroom.”  Continue reading

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When Will There Be an End?

The message for us is still clear: stay true to the teaching of the gospel. Don’t get so attached to material things that you miss the spiritual joys of walking with Jesus. Trust God in the most difficult of circumstances. Continue reading

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