April 27 – Learning to Live in Peace

(The long delay today was due to a trip to MD Anderson for my wife’s 6-month cancer checkup. She got a good report.)

1 Kings 1-2 Luke 19:28-48

“As Jesus came near Jerusalem, he saw the city and cried for it, saying, ‘I wish you knew today what would bring you peace. But now it is hidden from you.’” (Luke 19:41-42 NCV)

The time had come: Jesus was getting ready to enter Jerusalem. The Messiah was entering the Holy City. It should have been a time of great celebration. Jesus entered with tears. He knew the fate of the city and it weighed on Him. Jerusalem had been the city of God and the place where the Kings of the Jews reigned. Now it was a shell of that city: occupied by Romans and known as the city where prophets were killed. The Jews could have welcomed Him in peace. They could have accepted Him as Messiah. Instead, in less than a week, they would crucify Jesus. Peace with God could have come if they’d accepted Jesus as Messiah. Instead, fear of Rome drove them to execute Jesus.

Our world craves peace. We honor those who seek to make peace. We celebrate those who end wars. Today, many around the world are celebrating the current mood in talks between North and South Korea which they believe will result in peace. We can hope and pray. The only issue I take with this “peace” and any peace treaties or commitments to peace that may be signed in other situations is that they may end hostilities, but they will never bring about true peace. True peace is more than a cessation of hostilities. True peace includes living in harmony with God and with each other. As Jesus dealt with the turmoil among the Jews that led to His death on the cross, that death opened the door for man to have peace with God. God offers us the chance to have true peace in life by establishing a relationship with Him. The penalty for the sin that should separate us was paid by Jesus on the cross. Because of God’s grace, we can be at peace with God. That promise isn’t hidden, it’s out in the open. It’s available to anyone who accepts the free gift of grace God offers. You can keep battling the world and all of its problems, or you can live in peace with God. The choice is yours.

Oh Lord, there’s so much conflict in my life as I deal with others and as I wrestle with my own sin. Give me peace with You and then let that peace flow into everything else I do.

Scripture taken from the New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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