January 16 – When That Crisis of Faith Comes

Genesis 39-40 Matthew 11

“John the Baptist was in prison, but he heard about what the Christ was doing. So John sent some of his followers to Jesus. They asked him, ‘Are you the One who is to come, or should we wait for someone else?’” (Matthew 11:2-3 NCV)

No one knew the truth about Jesus more than John the Baptist. While still in Elizabeth’s womb, he sensed Jesus in Mary’s womb and reacted. He proclaimed Jesus as the coming of one whose sandals he’s be unworthy to unlace. Looking at Jesus he proclaimed, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” (John 1:29) He saw the Holy Spirit alight on Jesus and heard God the Father’s approval at His baptism. And John, who knew the truth about Jesus better than most, had a faith crisis when he got put in jail. He’d been doing exactly what God had called him to do, but in helping Herod see his sin, he provoked Herod and ended up in jail where he sent his disciples to ask Jesus, in essence, “Did I do the right thing when I prepared the way for you?”

Sometimes we get discouraged and have a crisis of faith. We don’t usually share them, though, because, if your church is like mine, everyone else in the church always has impeccable faith, no matter what happens. The last time you tried to share your faith crisis, you got the “holy remonstrance” reminding you that we have so many reasons for faith, and if you’re having issues, they’ll go away if you just show some faith. Actually, I think a faith crisis is a normal part of life. John had his. Jesus, praying in the garden even knowing what the answer would be, asked for the Father to keep Him from going to the cross. When that faith crisis comes, relax. You’re normal. Then, spend some time with God and tell Him your concerns. My guess is you won’t surprise Him, or shock Him, or make Him stop loving you. I try to find small ways to serve that no one else will notice. As you talk things out with God, He’ll remind you that no matter what you’re going through, He loves you and won’t leave you by yourself.

Lord, thank You for loving me when I doubt You the most. Keep holding me in Your arms and reminding me of Your presence when I have a faith crisis.

Scripture taken from the New Century Version®. Copyright © 2005 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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  1. Very well said. I’m going through several right now. It is way too easy to focus on what God isn’t doing. I am pushing myself to see what God is doing.

    Thanks for the good word! God is with you.

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