June 21 – The End is Near! 

Mark 5:21-43; 2 Samuel 14; Daniel 8
If you want to see strange predictions, look at the different ways people see the end of the world coming. Whether the predictions are based on scientific views of the sun exploding or religious views based on the Bible or other religious literature, some of the predictions are outlandish and almost humorous. Based on the views of the scientific community, the world will end millions of years from now, so we have to be ready. Based on some in the religious community, mostly Christians, the world should already have ended, and since it hasn’t, it will by the end of the year. Most Christians who speculate do so on an incomplete understanding of Scripture…ok, all of them. Often it’s based on wishful thinking. 
Whatever and whenever this may happen, we will see events and circumstances that take a while to unfold. One of those circumstances will be a great deal of lawlessness and rebellion – rebellion from God’s people. The book of Daniel has many visions about the end times, and in the vision in chapter 8, Daniel speaks of a world power that destroys truth. “Because of rebellion, the LORD’s people and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. It prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground.” (Daniel 8:12)
In the battle with the Lord’s Army, this world power has destroyed God’s people. The first thing it mentions is that the daily sacrifice was stopped. Many Jews would date that back to the 70’s AD. Many Christians believe that the Temple will rebuilt so that the sacrifices may start again – so they can be taken away again. Whatever the case may be, the reason that this world power is able to win the battle against the Lord’s Army is that God’s people have rebelled. The source of all power is still God and notice that Daniel notes that the power was given to this world force to take away the daily sacrifice. Many believe that prosperity is a sign of God’s favor, and yet here, this evil world power is seen as prospering. And truth doesn’t go away quietly, it’s stomped on the ground. How could this happen if God’s people didn’t rebel?
I’m not a fan of a lot of end times speculation. I figure I have to let God be in control and take care of things in His way; He’s not waiting to hear from me on how the world should end. In fact, if anything depends on my actions, it would be that I am called to avoid rebellion against God. The action that gives this world power authority is that God’s people rebel. We will always see those who don’t follow God rebelling against His authority. We will always see evil prosper. We will always see truth trampled on the ground – and if I were one to point out signs, I would point this one out. I don’t believe that our call is to speculate about the end of the world; our call is to bring the redemptive love of Christ to those who need His love. Cheering for the end of the world, to me, seems like we’re rooting for some people to be sent to eternal punishment: Hell. God is patient, not wanting any to perish. Our call is to be like God and share His mercy. 
Oh Lord, I know that there will be an end sometime. I also know that there are billions who don’t know you. Let me be faithful in sharing Your love with the few I know. Let Your church be empowered by Your Holy Spirit to proclaim Your mercy and grace to this lost world.


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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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