Rwanda Trip 2017 – Day 6

Saturday, June 17
We got to leave a little later today, the sun was beginning to peek over the mountains before we took off. We were short one team member who was sick, so the group presenting today had to adjust their plans. In addition, the devotional time was moved from first thing in the morning until the middle of the day so that we could have a music team and pastor that had played for Friday Night prayers, which run from 9:00 PM to midnight the night before. They did a great job of adjusting and presenting. 
One of the highlights of the conference was our break out times. I had the opportunity to continue working with the secondary science team. I was amazed both days at the intensity of their work and the depth of their questions. They are men of deep faith and had a great desire to improve their skills as teachers and in their ability to transform the lives of their students by sharing their love of Jesus.
I mentioned the music and the devotional time. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to experience worship with my fellow teachers and brothers and sisters in Christ here in Rwanda. I can honestly say that I’ve never been to a teachers conference like this. As the conference finished, we took a group picture, or rather many group pictures. We began with all of the teachers and then took pictures with each group of teachers from each city. The people in charge asked the group from America to sit in chairs with everyone else standing behind. The teachers didn’t always follow the instructions. It was hilarious as they kept moving around and jumping in and out of the picture and sitting down in front of the American team. The leader was getting frustrated but our team was cracking up. 
There was a lot of relief on our team when the conference was over and we were headed back to the guest house. Along the way we saw many large trucks sitting along the side of the road. They were being held back from heading into Kigali until later so that the traffic would not back up so much. We got back to the guest house, had about a ten minute break and headed out to go shopping – mainly for coffee and tea. Lucy stayed back and rested, so I was shopping without adult supervision. Let me just say that I won’t run out of coffee for a week or two after we get back home.


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