June 10 – Confession

Psalm 32; 2 Samuel 15:1-12; Romans 11:1-10

Have you ever noticed that sometimes hard boiled eggs peel very easily. You crack the shell, you start picking the shell off and the whole egg slips out of the shell very quickly. At other times, you crack the shell, you start picking the pieces off, and they come off one small piece at a time. It takes forever. The difference is a very thin membrane that is between the shell and the egg. If it comes off when you crack it, you have no problems peeling the egg. If the shell comes off without the membrane, you have all kinds of problems peeling the egg. It’s hard to believe that such a small thin thing makes such a big difference.

Sin is a lot like that membrane. When we don’t get rid of it, we have problems getting along with others and we have problems getting along with God. The funny thing about our sin is that we know it’s there, the person we sinned against knows it’s there. God knows it’s there. Even with all that, we don’t want to acknowledge our sin perhaps in the the misguided belief that if we don’t confess it, it didn’t happen. David gave better advice. “Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity. I said, ‘I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.’ And you forgave the guilt of my sin.” (Psalm 32:5)

When I look at the life of David, I see a lot of problems. He committed adultery, and then murder to cover it up. He wasn’t a very good father. He overlooked the rape of his daughter and then turned his back on the son who avenged that rape. We could make a long list of his sins. In spite of all that, David did one thing right: he confessed his sin before God. He sought forgiveness. God forgave him continuously, even though it seemed at times that David was a frequent flyer in needing forgiveness. He suffered from natural consequences of his sin: a child died, rebellion in the Kingdom; but his relationship with God continued because the guilt of his sin was forgiven.

So many relationships today are destroyed by sin. We don’t like to admit that we have sin. Some people don’t even want to admit that sin exists thinking that anything people do is ok with God. We even see people baptizing sin publicly by using Bible verses out of context to support their own beliefs. If we want to improve relationships with others we need to deal with the sin problem. I can’t make you confess your sin, but I can begin by confessing my sin before God, and apologizing to you when I sin against you. Love sometimes means you have to say that you’re sorry. Apologies aren’t a sign of weakness in God’s world, they are a sign of strength. Confess your guilt and draw closer to God. After all, that was the purpose of the cross.

Lord, I acknowledge my sin against You. Please forgive me when I fail you and forgive the guilt of my sin. Where I have sinned against others, give me the strength to confess that sin and apologize. Please restore those relationships with those I have sinned against.


About rockyfort

I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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