March 29 – Rejection

Psalm 118:1-2 14-24; Judges 4:17-23; 5:24-31a; Revelation 12:1-12

People fear rejection. We see it as failure and no one wants to fail. So we do whatever we can to avoid that rejection – often not trying to succeed. Think about it, how many people are wandering around in this world with dreams of accomplishing great things who don’t even attempt to make them come true because they are afraid of rejection. They are afraid of failure.

Recently J K Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, shared some of her rejection letters with her fans. Imagine being one of the editors who rejected the manuscript that became the first book in the Harry Potter series. Every great author could probably paper their walls with rejection letters. We all know that Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity squad and played JV basketball. Yet he took that rejection and used it to spur himself onto one of the greatest basketball careers of all time.

Rejection is not the end of life, career, or even a dream. Rejection, when we use it correctly, can spur us on to great success. The Psalmist says, “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone;” (Psalm 118:22) Michael Jordan became the cornerstone of the Chicago Bulls. The Harry Potter series is probably the best known series published by Bloomsbury Publishing. Jesus was despised and rejected by men. He was tried before the Sanhedrin because the people rejected Him. He was brought before Pilate and ultimately suffered the ultimate rejection on the cross. If we leave the story there, though, we don’t see the glorious victory when Jesus conquered sin and death in the resurrection. The world has changed because of Jesus and His followers. The rejection of Jesus led to His victory and a better world.

We still fear rejection, though, don’t we. We fear rejection from God because we think we aren’t good enough. In truth, we aren’t good enough for God. That, in fact, is a major part of the gospel message. Even when God could have, perhaps should have, rejected us, He has loved us. He has given us grace to cover our sins and He has welcomed us into His family. He loves us so much that there is nothing we can do to make Him reject us. What amazing love! What great grace! It is amazing to me that people still reject that message of grace. As I tell them about God’s love and feel their rejection, I have to remind myself that they are rejecting the grace of God that’s being offered to them. Just as God didn’t reject me, He still seeks those that reject Him and draws them unto Himself. The God who was rejected by men, will never reject anyone who comes to Him.

Lord God, I did reject You for so long, and yet You loved me. You have become the foundation of my life. Let my life reflect Your grace and use me to draw others to You.


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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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