September 23 – Needing Forgiveness

1 John 1; 2 Chronicles 34; Psalm 89:19-37

Have you ever met someone who doesn’t need God to forgive them? You know the kind of person I mean. They’ve never done anything wrong – at least in their own eyes. When you point something out that most people would consider to be wrong they have a “perfect” explanation for it. They have a rationale or an excuse for every sin that others might try to “accuse” them of.

John talks about people like that. “If we claim we have not sinned, we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lives.” (1 John 1:10) If you think about it, that verse makes perfect sense. Our faith is built upon the premise that God sent Jesus to earth and the cross to die for our sins and bring us forgiveness. If anyone can rightfully claim that they have no sin, or that they don’t need forgiveness, they are denying the very basis of our faith and saying that the idea that we need a Savior is a lie.

In truth, no one is perfect. We all show in one way or another that God is telling the truth when His word says that all people have sinned. At the same time, God offers forgiveness to all who will turn to Him through Jesus Christ. Christianity is an exclusive religion in that we believe that the only way to heaven, the only way to a relationship with God is through Jesus Christ. At the same time, there is no more inclusive religion because we say that God offers forgiveness to all who come to Him through Jesus Christ. If God is a liar, then run away from our faith. On the other hand, if life shows you that all people have sinned, like God says, then we welcome you to experience His presence and forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Lord God, I am a sinner and I need Your forgiveness every day. Thank You for Jesus who died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin. Thank You for forgiveness that drives my relationship with You.


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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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