So, I’ve Been Silent for Awhile…

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. This is my post on FaceBook explaining why. Obviously there are circumstances there that don’t apply here, but I thought you deserved an explanation as I began to work my way back into posting my devotional thoughts.

Over the last few months I haven’t posted anything serious that was original. There are many reasons for this absence. I was noting, among other things, that my devotional writing wasn’t as deep as it should be. I was using more words and saying less. I needed some time for God to work on me and deal with me not just because of that, but also for other reasons as well.

How did God deal with me? He brought to mind the story of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus shamed the accusers by telling them that the person without sin should cast the first stone. They all left. Then he looked at the woman and said something like: “If no one condemned you, I’m not going to either. Go, but stop living in sin.” (paraphrased) We seem to be living in a time when those on the conservative side would run after the woman and say, “Hey! I didn’t think Jesus would actually let you free!” and start throwing stones. Meanwhile, those on the liberal side would look at this woman and say, “Great! You’re free to go and live however you want!” Neither action represents the grace of Christ: one represents a legalism that would trip up everyone who practices it while the other represents a licentiousness that separates people from a true relationship with God.

We are called to proclaim God’s Grace. What that means is that there is sin, there is repentance and there is forgiveness. If we do not recognize sin as sin, how can God give Grace to forgive? If we fail to repent when we realize we are living in a sinful way, does that help us grow closer to God? Does it help us grow stronger in His Grace? If we think we don’t need forgiveness, what need is there of Grace? That being said, if I am called to be an ambassador of God’s Grace, reconciling the world to Christ, I’m going to have to let God do any condemning, and proclaim God’s Grace and forgiveness to those who are caught in sin. My job is to love the sinner. My job is to bring the sinner to Jesus (through prayer) and plead for them to receive God’s Grace.

That being said, I will be posting things that may make you mad. In fact, if after a month I haven’t made everyone on my friends list mad for one reason or another, I’ll be surprised. In a world where standards have become subjective, I believe in the objective standards put forth in the Bible. In fact, I expect some of you to be offended by my posts. While this is not my objective, I know that my strong stands will be offensive. Please note though, if I say “A” and that offends you because you believe “B;” your belief in “B” is just as offensive to me. If what you say or do is offensive to me, I have a policy. I will treat you with respect. I won’t argue with you or attack you. You are on my friends list because of who you are. In most cases I know a lot about your “warts.”  I choose friends not because they always agree with me, but because they have something to teach me. So I welcome respectful interaction and disagreement. You may decide that you don’t want to see my posts and block them, or unfriend me; that of course, is your right. I only block people who are continuously disrespectful to me or my friends.

As I return to writing my devotionals I am working on a new schedule that will allow me the time to go more in-depth, hopefully. It will also allow me the time to pray more adequately. Please bear with me as I work into my new schedule.


Grace and peace,



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I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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    Looking forward to reading your work again.

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