June 19 – Integrity at Work

Mark 4:21-41; 2 Samuel 11-12; Daniel 6

We call it the “rat race.” It’s a “dog eat dog” cut throat world out there. Yes, it’s the business world where it seems like some people will do anything to get ahead. There are those whose paths to the top of the business world are littered with the “bodies” of those they had to stab in the back to succeed. That attitude is ancient. When Darius re-organized the kingdom he had conquered, he used the people that were already in place to administer the kingdom, including Daniel. Daniel was doing such a good job, without the back stabbing and throat cutting that we  have come to expect in the business world, that King Darius was looking at putting Daniel in charge of running the entire kingdom. As the rumors started floating, this didn’t sit well with the others. “As a result, the other officers and the chief administrators tried to find some problem with Daniel’s work for the kingdom. But they couldn’t find any problem or corruption at all because Daniel was trustworthy. He wasn’t guilty of any negligence or corruption. So these men said, ‘We won’t find any fault in Daniel, unless we can find something to use against him from his religious practice.’” (Daniel 6:4-5) We know the rest of the story – a law was established to prevent anyone from praying to anyone but the king. The integrity of Daniel that made him a great administrator put him in the position of disobeying an evil law. He was caught and thrown in the lions’ den. God protected Daniel overnight and Daniel was safe. The lesson that we learn is that we must maintain our integrity at all times. If a person claims to follow God, their work on Monday through Friday, or even Saturday, is really as much a form of worship as that Sunday morning hour. In fact, our Sunday worship is designed not only for us to worship God, but for us to gain the strength we need to bring honor to God each day of our lives. As we work, the only thing that people ought to be able to find fault with is that we love and honor God. If we do that faithfully, we can deal with any consequences that come from that.

Lord God, I don’t know if the only fault people at work could find in me is that I worship You. I pray that You would mold me as an employee so that my work be so filled with honor and integrity that I reflect Your love and grace every minute of the day.


About rockyfort

I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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