May 16 – Justice

Acts 23:23-24:9; Judges 20; Psalm 45

There is within each of us a sense of justice. Something bad happens in life and our reaction is akin to “That’s just wrong!” That sense of right or wrong is built into human beings by God. I so often hear people talk about being able to be moral people without God, yet, there is no sense of right or wrong without that sense of justice we have hardwired in our inner being. The psalmist recognized that sense of justice in God, and understood the idea that His ability to enforce justice was part of His eternal kingdom. “Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever; a scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.” (Psalm 45:6) God is a God of justice and He enforces it in this world in which we live. That being said, He is also a God of mercy. He gives grace and mercy to those who don’t deserve it. In truth, He offers grace and mercy to all who will accept it. He offers that grace and mercy because the penalty that justice would call for was taken care of when Jesus died on the cross. There is no one too bad, there is no one who is so awful that they can’t gain forgiveness, grace, and mercy because of the death of Jesus on that cross. Justice is satisfied and God gives grace and mercy to all who call on His name.

Lord God, I deserve justice. I rebel against Your way. I follow after my own desires. I deserve to be shunned by You. Yet You continue so remind me that You love me and You give me grace and mercy because of the death of Jesus Christ. Let me live in Your grace and mercy, and show that grace and mercy to others.


About rockyfort

I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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