January 30 – True Greatness

Luke 22:1-38; Genesis 39; Psalm 30

I have always had dreams of being successful when I grow up. Greatness still calls me. The problem is that reality has set in. I’ve grown a lot older. “Greatness” as most people see it has probably passed me by. I am, not great as most people see greatness. I am a mere cog. Jesus didn’t see greatness the way others did. His definition not only astounded the disciples, it flew in the face of conventional wisdom. “But Jesus said to them, ‘The kings of the Gentiles rule over their subjects, and those in authority over them are called “friends of the people.” But that’s not the way it will be with you. Instead, the greatest among you must become like a person of lower status and the leader like a servant.’” (Luke 22:25-26) Greatness, as Jesus sees it, is found not in ruling over others. It’s not becoming top of the heap or king of the hill. Greatness is found in serving others. The road to greatness has a fork. There is one way that leads to greatness the way society defines it and then there is God’s way. Those who seek society’s path of greatness soon find it to be a dead end. God’s path to greatness through servanthood is a life long path of joy through our relationship with Jesus. Each day, we come to the fork and God calls us to His greatness. Which path will you choose today?

Dear Lord, remind me each and every moment today that true greatness is found in my commitment and obedience to You. Help me to find my joy in service to others and realize that when my goal is to seek and serve You, I find greatness; when my goal is greatness, I find neither greatness nor You.


About rockyfort

I am a retired Middle School Teacher. I share each day what God is teaching me from reading His word hoping that people can benefit from reading what God has taught me.
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